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Cardboard Forts Make Great Eco-Friendly Toys

If the climate change wars in the media lately have taught us one thing, it’s that we need to start teaching people about protecting the environment as children using eco-friendly toys like cardboard forts, simple wooden toys, and other sustainable materials. Learning to go green can be taught by example and through play from an early age. 

You can start with these facts and images from NASA that shows the local and global impact of climate change. 

Why Give Eco-Friendly Toys?

So many toys today are made of plastic that end up in landfills. According to this Huffington Post article, the toy industry did $20.36 billion in sales recently and 90% of them were made of some type of plastic. That’s going to have a negative impact on the environment not only making the toys but disposing of them. Plastic toys also have a shorter lifespan than say, classic wooden toys, which is another reason they end up in the trash. 

How Cardboard Forts Make Learning Fun 

Cardboard has been providing young children with unlimited hours of fun for decades. Have you ever noticed that kids at Christmas often spend more time playing with the large cardboard boxes that their expensive toys came in? That’s because the blank cardboard gives them a chance to use their imagination and that’s the best form of play. 

At Make-A-Fort, our products are made largely out of recycled cardboard that can be used over and over again. You can make forts, castles, tunnels, mazes, and let your imagination run wild. When you’re done playing with them you can recycle what’s left but even if it ends up being thrown away the material is biodegradable. 

3 Tips For Giving Eco-Friendly Toys

Here are a few tips for buying eco-friend gifts for your children or grandchildren. 

#1. Choose Natural Or Recycled Products – Note that Make-A-Fort products are made from recycled cardboard. Natural products can help save landfills and don’t cause as much stress on the environment when they are being made. 

#2. Buy Some Local Or Handmade Products When Possible – While we love our online customers, you should also venture out into your local community and look for locally sourced goods as well. It can be a fun adventure to explore what’s available in your neck of the woods. 

#3. Buy Toys That Can Be Reused Or Recycled – For example, our forts and tunnels come apart and can be stored and then used again. You can build them in a new way each time or make your favorite fort over and over. The only limit is your own imagination! 

Eco-friendly toys made from wood, cardboard, or cotton tend to be higher quality and last longer. You can go the extra mile and talk to your children about all the ways their new toy is eco-friendly and how they are making a difference in saving the planet we all live on.

Cardboard family figures cutout sitting on grass

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