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Indoor Minecraft Fort Idea: Ender Dragon Defense

Objective: Players must protect their fort from the approaching Ender Dragon (a parent or friend) by solving puzzles, building defenses, and using strategic thinking.


  • Minecraft Explorer Kit
  • Assorted Minecraft toys (that can be used as tools and defense resources)
  • Timer or stopwatch
  • Printed puzzles or challenges
    • Puzzles can range from a simple jigsaw puzzle, rubik’s cube, or printed out puzzles and brain teasers you can find online!


  • Use the Minecraft Explorer Kit to build one of our following creations. Be sure to decorate your creation to make the ultimate Minecraft fort!
  • Hide Minecraft toys and puzzles throughout the fort. These represent resources and tools players will need to “craft” solutions and defenses.

How to Play:

  • Start the Adventure: The game begins with players inside their fort, the Ender Dragon (a designated person) starts the countdown outside the fort.
  • Solve the Puzzles: Players find and solve puzzles within a set time limit. Each solved puzzle grants them a “tool” or “resource” (Minecraft toys) to defend against the Ender Dragon.
  • Build Defenses: Using their resources, players enhance their fort’s defenses. This can be as simple as setting up barriers, defending the fort with toys or as complex as creating traps with the materials at hand.
  • Ender Dragon Attacks: After the puzzles are solved and defenses are set, the Ender Dragon approaches. The players must decide together how they use their crafted defenses to protect their fort. The dragon (person) attempts to find ways around the defenses while staying in character.
  • Survive the Night: If the players can keep the dragon at bay until the timer runs out, they win. If the dragon breaches the fort’s defenses, it’s time to rebuild and try again with new strategies.

The Ender Dragon Defense game combines the creative and strategic elements of Minecraft with the physical play of building indoor forts. It’s an engaging way for kids (and adults) to interact with their favorite game off-screen, encouraging physical activity, problem-solving, and imaginative play.

Remember, the key to this game is creativity and fun. Adjust the difficulty and complexity of puzzles and defenses based on the ages and interests of the players. Enjoy bringing the virtual world of Minecraft into your living room with our Minecraft Explorer Kit and a little imagination!

We’d love to see your Minecraft creations and hear from you if you try this activity at!

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