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The Best Building Forts For Kids

Building forts will always be part of our lives. As a kid, we always look forward to building one or having one. May it be inside our house or in our backyard, as long as we experience creating and hanging out inside of it, we can say we have the best moments as a child. 

But let’s be honest, even as adults, we are still into it too. For kids, getting a fort not only makes them feel they have been awarded the best award they could get, but it also keeps them busy. Building forts can entirely be DIY, and to build them, you don’t have to be a skilled carpenter. So search online for the best websites that offer great deals on fort kit and start constructing it! 

Because home forts are, by their very nature, DIY, let your child channel their inner decorators or even their inner hunter-gatherers: all fair games are couches, blankets, comforters, and boxes. A fort provides them an escape to another universe that reaches into the depths of one’s imagination.

Not only are forts a way to amuse children on rainy days, but when they lose interest in their other toys, the forts are a perfect stand-in. In this article, let’s discuss how you can build the best forts for kids and what designs your child can make to enjoy his or her free time. 

How To Build The Best Kids’ Forts

2 girls building

1. Start by recognizing that child-led play is the best form of creative play, and the best way they can be really creative is by building forts. Building forts means your child will work on letting his imagination come to life with the fort he will construct. Moreover, he can be more creative by styling the outside and inside look of his fort. So, if your child is asking for assistance on how to build a fort, teach them how. 

2. Building a fort means you can use materials that you already have or buy a fort kit that can be a big help in constructing your child’s fort. Before you build, collect the materials you needed and the stuff to go along with the fort. What makes fort building great for kids is that it includes creativity and STEM learning that he can get by following steps using cardboards, sticks, blankets, boxes, and more. Let your kid have a blast building his own fort!

3. Don’t let your child stick in creating one fort. Let them try out different types of forts, which can boost their innovative and creative side. Have them create different forts like castle fort, reading nook fort, blanket fort, or simple tent fort and see how their process goes. Not only can they build inside forts, but let them build in your backyard. 

Building forts are an interesting and fun activity to do. The fact is, anything can be turned into a pretty cool kids’ fort when you erase the expectation of what the result might look like. To learn different fort designs, here are some ideas your child can follow.

Different Forts Design For Kids

Pillow & Blanket Fort

Pillow and Blanket Fort are some of the easiest ways of building a fort. The only thing your kids need is a blanket, a king or queen-size sheet, pillows, and chairs. Your kids just have to drape the sheets on the table or the chairs. But if you want to make your kid’s building fort experience more innovative, the Crazy Forts offers endless possible frameworks with geometrically precise, solid plastic balls and reinforced sticks. For a complete pillow and blanket fort, don’t forget to add the pillows!

Tip: Add fairy lights for a fantastic look, and your kids will be set for hours!

Castle Fort

Building a cardboard castle fort is perfect for rainy days if you have some extra cardboard in your home. If you want your kids to handle building this fort, make sure they have the right cardboard tools they can use. To make cardboard castle fort easy for your kids, the Makedo toolbox collection offers age-specific, reusable tool kits for young kids. Each of the small toolboxes is a basic tool unit for cardboard construction that can be extended to accommodate the kids’ particular needs.

To learn more about Makedo’s simple to use system of tools, read the article here.

Cozy Reading Nook

Indeed, happiness is building a cozy reading nook to play in. If your kids love to be alone reading their favorite books, you can let them build their own book fort in the corner of your home. With a Fort Magic construction kit, take a little more time to assemble the book fort with your kids. For sure, they will enjoy creating their own reading nook with different ways they can design it.

For children, this great reading nook is a comfy fort along with pillows and fabrics. Are you interested in getting a Fort Magic Construction Toy Kit for your kids? Read our article “Fort Magic: Ultimate Life-Size Building Experience today.”

Simple Sheet Tent

This simple tent fort reminds us of our childhood! The simple sheet tent is assembled quickly and easily with a non-fitted standard bedsheet and a clothesline or rope tied between two trees. A lovely idea for a minimalist fort! 

Build the best fort for your kids today with fort kits or fort tools from Makedo, Crazy Forts, and Fort Magic. Read our articles “Fort Magic: Ultimate Life-Size Building Experience, Makedo: Must-Have Tools For Cardboard Forts, and Crazy Forts: Promotes Endless Creativity” to delve into each of these .

3 girls building fort w blanket on gable

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